Day 20: Frosty

Left Subway last night and Beth, the owner, handed me a bag of cookies; had one for breakfast this morning.


Woke at 6am, Erik (view his website) started the coffee and breakfast… I rolled over and moaned a few times.  Everything was damp and frosted.

I’d tried stuffing newspaper in my shoes last night to dry them out, but it didn’t help much.

After breakfast of cous cous, onion, carrots,and scrambled eggs, I packed up and headed back to the laundromat to dry my shoes and warm my hands and feet.

I’m sure I’ve damaged the adhesive on my shoes, but I can reseal them and it was worth removing some of the dampness and all of the cold.

We’ve been passing quilt prints painted or stuck to barns around here.  Barb told us that it’s a thing that people travel from around the country to see. They’re pretty neat looking.


Heading to the Brussels free ferry across the Illinois River and then into St Louis to stay with a friend of a friend.


Sunrise on the Illinois River

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