Day 25: Chester to the Cape

After waking up in the cabin at the Eagles club and heading out, I headed out through Chester, home of Popeye. I ran across Jodie’s farmhouse Cafe and stopped in for breakfast… Heading down south out of town in the overcast, windy, and slightly chilly weather. Looks like the rain…

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Day 24: Ducks Eat for Free at Subway

… Er, I mean, cyclists stay for free at the Eagles’ Club in Chester, Illinois (the home of Popeye.)

Everybody is super nice here in southern Illinois.


Craig and Brandi who told me about the Eagles club in Chester.  Jay and Lynn at Lynn’s bar who told me about the bridge being out and camping at the lock and dam.  Bartender, Liz, has been really welcoming here at the Eagles’ Club too.

Looking forward to a warm shower after dinner.

Day 24: Waterloo on down the river

Had a good night at the Sunset Motel, I had intended to get more things done, but once I hit that bed my eyes became quite heavy.

I woke up at 7:30… Rolled over and slept in… Agreeing with any excuse that came to mind.

I finally rolled out of the motel at 10:30, said goodbye to the owner, Steve, and his chocolate lab, and headed over to the Bean Tree Cafe.


I ordered The Works breakfast and a coffee. Not more than five minutes after I’d sat down other patrons started asking about the bicycle, where I was from, where I was going, what it was like. Everyone was friendly and supportive, a couple of women who were having breakfast confirmed the route I’d be taking today will be a beautiful hilly one down to Chester.

Let the adventure begin with half the day left… 😉