Fun Fact: Armadillos have occupied Illinois

I thought Armadillos were a very Texan thing.  I’d been meaning to mention these critters weeks ago, but had forgotten/gotten busy/ etc etc…

I won’t show you any photos of the dead armadillos I’ve seen, but started seeing them about half-way through Illinois!  When I was in Tennessee, I asked about armadillos, and they said they’re a fairly recent phenomenon and had only been in the area the last few years.

I wonder if climate change (warmer temps, longer) have allowed the armadillos to expand their territory to the Midwest.

Doing a bit of googlin’ I can see that they are here to stay in Illinois.


Day 30: Jackson to Selmer, Tennessee



My new experiement for today is wearing plastic bags over my feet to attempt to keep some of the rain out.

SPOILER ALERT:  It didn’t work.


Most of my day consisted of doing this:


…and this:


The craziest part of the day was when Google routed me down this “street” …

CAUTION:  Strong Language when I realize where Google has sent me… 


Watch Part 2:


Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Tupelo, Mississippi to stay with Rufus, a host.


Fun Fact: Tennessee Seat Belt Laws

Today I learned that the average fine for getting cited for not wearing your seat belt in Tennessee is $10-$20 depending on which county you’re stopped in.

In Minnesota the fine is $25, but the fees on top of the fine make the ticket cost over $100.


Day 29: RECAP – Martin, TN to Jackson, TN


Today I woke up late after resting all of Day 28, the day before.  I said goodbye to Matt at the front desk of the Len Haven Motel and headed out.

I stopped just outside of town to put on gloves, hat, and jacket.  Since I was already stopped, I figured it was a good a time as any to eat, so I devoured leftover pulled pork and a banana.  A Martin police officer stopped to see if I needed anything while I was putting on the clothing and we chatted for a few minutes.


The rain started about then and after biking for over an hour, I stopped in Greenfield to have lunch.  I opted for the buffet and was waited on by a sweet young lady named, JJ.  Shortly there after another woman stopped by and we chatted about what I was doing.  She introduced herself as Renee and explained that had gypsy blood and traveled all over the world during her life.  Renee brought JJ over to the table and introduced her as her daughter.


I rolled out of Greenfield and down the country roads on my way to Jackson.  I reached Jackson just after dark and booked myself a room to dry out my boots and clothing.

When I got to my room I opened up the dessert that Renee had boxed for me and found a delicious piece of pie and a very gracious note.




Day 28: Rainy Sick/Rest Day

Well my head cold has moved down into my chest overnight. It’s been raining for over 24 hours now, so I figured while I was sick I should just take a day off and rest.

The man at the front desk of the “American owned” motel said I sound different than yesterday.

He gave me the last of his bottle of cold medicine and said it fixed him right up.

So here goes nothing…