Day 34: what’s new, pussycat?

I stayed at Jeff Busby campground last night. It didn’t freeze like I expected, but plenty of condensation on the inside of the tent fly thanks to my exothermic temperament.

I spent some of the morning drying my boots some more and wondering if I should head straight South of keep on the Natchez.


I could motivate myself to leave the sleeping bag earlier than 8am if the weather was about ten degrees warmer at night. I’m just getting anxious with being about three hundred miles from New Orleans and the idea of being off the bike for more than a day.

The desire is to stay here another day since it’s free, but my batteries are low and I need to find a place to recharge them to keep my phone going; and the real reason, tomorrow I’d still be 300 miles from my destination.

Although the dynamo on the bike is good to generate electricity, it needs assistance from time to time. I mailed back the solar panel since I had no plans of sitting around in one place until New Orleans.


I decided to take a day off and relax. It’s free camping here and I’ve got enough food for a few days. If I get off the Natchez Trace and head South I’m less than 300 miles away from my first waypoint.

I’ve seen a few cats around camp today. It seems they’re living in the drainage culverts, part of the time, anyway.


I unpacked everything this afternoon, adjusted the rear fender on the bike, cleaned off some mud, aired out some clothes…


I am carrying a heck of a lot of colorful junk!!

Time to repack and strip, service, and rebuild the stove so I can eat Mac and cheese tonight with flax seed.

Day 27: East Cape to Cario and beyond…

Susan, the mother (?) Of the brother of the owner/manager came out to greet me with donuts after I explained how I was treated by the owner’s boyfriend (?) last night.


She wished me safe travels and I’m now heading South along back roads in light drizzle and will stop along the way for breakfast and then cross into Kentucky or Missouri before lunch.

Warm weather here, I think it stayed in the sixties all night, but after my experience with the boyfriend of the manager who came off more as a drug dealer / club bouncer than a campground host and the constant route 149 traffic I didn’t sleep that well.

Oh and the spiders are getting bigger…


Let’s see how far I can make it today!


Day 26: Happy Thanksgiving

I’m eating left over pizza from lunch and the can of ravioli that Keith graciously gave me while camping out in a trailer park next to a major highway and across the road from a tiki bar and a strip club in East Cape Girardeau, Illinois.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for my first shower in three days.


Day 18: Grocery Shopping

Those sure look like fluffy moisture heavy clouds to me… But they also insulate and can keep the air warmer. Everything is a tradeoff.

Today’s menu is: ham and cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and rye crackers , and a bottle of cheap wine. … And probably a Clif Bar or two.