Never underestimate what your kindness does in this world…

So tonight I met and hung out with Miss Ruth, celebrating her sixty sixth birthday and the godmother of Judy, the owner of the Ooh Poo Pah Doo club.


She came out of her chair and into the dance floor to show me the secret to dancing.  She called me over to her when the band went on break and I thanked her for showing me how to dance (she got up from her chair and gave pointers (in a loving way) too me when i lost time.) … She told me she that she felt she had to meet the guy who took his time when he sliced his porkchop… “She said when I saw you cut it up and give pieces to the other people at the table before eating it yourself, I knew I had to meet that man. You didn’t know anybody was looking and you did an act of kindness anyway.  You never know who is watching.” I replied, “it doesn’t matter, does it?” and she replied, ” to you it doesn’t and that’s why I had to meet you. ”

We had such a wonderful conversation after that and I told her it was my privilege to meet her and she asked me how long I was staying in NOLA and I told her my bicycle story and she clapped her hands and exclaimed, “now the privilege is all mine! And the world sent you here to me on my birthday!”

We talked some more and she said, “you’re home here. We all got your back when you’re around here or on the street.”

Yesterday was amazing and today has topped that!

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  1. Ryan I share miss Ruth sentiments you are such a selfless person I must give some of the compliment to your parents all the best son

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