Day 33: these Spanish guys were everywhere

I woke this morning to 0C degrees, freezing, and a hard frost on everything.


I grabbed my bowl and some granola to head up to the HEATED rest room where there was running water to make breakfast.  While leaning against the bathroom wall chowing down on six hundred calories of crunchy goodness  an older man came into the bathroom, lit cigarette hanging from his lips. He looked at me with contempt, used the urinal, and left without washing his hands. The smell of cigarette smoke overwhelmed the pleasure of warmth and I left the bathroom through the door that was clearly posted with nonsmoking signs. The man stood outside by his car glaring at me occasionally. A few minutes later as couple of women came out of the women’s restroom and they gave me similar looks. I must have completely unlocked the vagrant achievement on my trip now.  I smiled at them and continued to consume spoonfuls of granola. They didn’t return the smile. More people pulled up, I said good morning, they said good morning back to me.


All packed up, everything has dried out. Time to get on the road!

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