Day 24: Waterloo on down the river

Had a good night at the Sunset Motel, I had intended to get more things done, but once I hit that bed my eyes became quite heavy.

I woke up at 7:30… Rolled over and slept in… Agreeing with any excuse that came to mind.

I finally rolled out of the motel at 10:30, said goodbye to the owner, Steve, and his chocolate lab, and headed over to the Bean Tree Cafe.


I ordered The Works breakfast and a coffee. Not more than five minutes after I’d sat down other patrons started asking about the bicycle, where I was from, where I was going, what it was like. Everyone was friendly and supportive, a couple of women who were having breakfast confirmed the route I’d be taking today will be a beautiful hilly one down to Chester.

Let the adventure begin with half the day left… 😉

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