Day 17: Rain of cats and dogs

It’s been raining heavy since last night around eleven pm. Thunder, lightning, the whole bit.

My new friend, Esmé, came and visited me (2.5hr drive!!) and brought fuel for my penny stove (I tried six places here in town, no luck.)

We had a great night of fantastic conversation and connected on music, even playing a few tunes and singing along.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to hear the campground owner talking about this guy in a tent. So as my ears burned, I left the tent and went to see what the gossip was about. There was a new Cyclist who’d shown up in the pouring rain after being flooded out down by the river.  Eric worked on his bike and I used the stove fuel and dried food I had to make us some lunch. We’re drying everything out under the pavilion during the afternoon. John one of the campers nearby just brought over his propane fireplace to use tonight


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