Day 15: 30 miles – Warsaw to Quincy, Il

Wrapped up yesterday after thirty miles when I found a camp ground that lets cyclists stay for $5, has free WiFi, free showers, and reasonable laundry costs.

It was nice and sunny and seventy degrees, but the 15-25mph head winds made any real progress extremely difficult.


The closest bar/grill had $1.25 beers and double cheeseburgers for $7.25.
So I had a few and came back and showered and started my laundry.

Expecting rain, I think I’ll be living in my tent the next few days.

3 thoughts on “Day 15: 30 miles – Warsaw to Quincy, Il

  1. Ryan—-good to see this update. The photos and maps are great; while they are only few in number, they show the reality of your journey: exposure, adventure, ever changing conditions. Good thing you are headed south! The weather should be getting better as opposed to colder if you were going north. Hoping you are keeping yourself dry.

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